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Originally Posted by johnfly1234 View Post
Ok..... I do not know how the osd can plug into the elogger and the data recorder!!!! Please clarify. and not by showing me a picture of a bunch of components!
1. My servos can draw up to 4 amps.... if we start at the reciever the ail, elev,and throttle all connect to the osd. Then from the osd to the perspective servos. If the servo draws 4 amps of current will the osd handle that kind of current ????? realize that the ail. and elev. can draw a total of 4+4 = 8amps !!! The throttle servo i am not worried about. Low current...
a solution how to power high-amp servos: connect a rx-power supply to the osd (to power the osd only) connect from osd to servo only the impulse and power the servos directly

sorry, but those connections are basicīs for those pilots with high amp servos ... i hope that you donīt feed such servos on your other planes from the receiver

cu Thomas
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