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Originally Posted by KevinBuckley70 View Post
It's interesting that different people have very opposite opinions of that. I wonder what the difference is? Flying style (I am a long term beginner, not 3D)? Crash actions (I always have a finger on the throttle hold switch)? Quality of the heli. out of the box?

With fairly tame flying on the mCPX I have broken 2 sets of skids, a tail-boom and the canopy.

Apart from the things on the 130X which were broken at new - the only bad thing I did was split the end section of the tail boom which I repaired with some CF tape & CA glue & I have smashed it into walls, the ground (grass & concrete), play equipment etc.

Just curious.
Originally Posted by erkq View Post
It's so interesting how different our experiences are here. I have both. I had a spectacular tail-first crash onto pavement with the 130x practicing flips. Somehow it ended up with a main blade bent down with its tip inside the landing gear skid on the side! I though, "well, my flying's over for this trip." But, guess what? After I carefully freed the blade (it was kinda' tricky) it flew! Matter of fact, it flew great! Unbelievable.
Originally Posted by lovespicyfood View Post
It is interesting to hear the different experiences with the 130X, MCPX and Nano. It all depends on how you crash! That being said, it all comes down to physics. The bigger and heavier helis are just going to break more than the lighter helis in crashes.

I have quite a bit of experience with helis and given all the annoying issues I have had sorting out the 130X, there's no way I could recommend it for a first time CP flyer. However, if you have someone experienced to help, it could make it much more manageable. Keep in mind, I now LOVE my 130X!

Good luck whatever you decide!
When I was learning to fly my mcpx my normal routin to land was to hover 15 feet off the ground and hit throttle hold then watch it

The 130x would break if it was landed in any form of an uncontrolled manner.
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