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Hi Joe,
Just got back from flying (fixed wing) and thought I had better reply to your post from yesterday..
I am not at all sorry for asking you that question..You told me every thing I needed and wanted to know. I will take your advise on the Ardu Flyer board. I had a look at it and will have a look at the schematics which appears to be in Eagle format. That is a program I used to draw up my circuits and board layout for the CNC machine to cut out. I haven't used it for several years now as I no longer do electronic design or building but I am sure I still have it here somewhere. Unfortunately the eyesight and brain are no longer what they used to be. I do like the idea of the circuit diagram as this board appears to have a lot more capabilities than what is being used. The HK board may also be capable of doing a lot more but without a circuit diagram it is a bit difficult and also a waste of time seeing the Ardu board is already available. A lot of the Ports of the Atmega chip don't come out to any connectors.
For the moment I will continue with the HK board and get it all flying and see for myself what it is capable of before deciding on the bigger machine, but so far looks very promising. I can't do much more at the moment until parts arrive. I also have to work on the vibration dampening which you mentioned. I did already know about. It made all the difference to the handling of my old Quad. In fact,it made it so you could fly it without darting off into some random direction or a sudden unexpected maneuver. It is well worth the time and effort to eliminate as much vibration as possible.
I am glad that you found the answer to the pin out problem. Good to see that none of us is going out of their minds after all. Hi Hi.
I thank you again for all your help and advise. I have no doubt I may have a few more questions along the way to getting this thing to fly well and stable.

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