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Originally Posted by e_lm_70 View Post
The only benefit is" MS5611-01BA01 highprecision altimeter"
High precision MS5611, I have all three including the stainless steel casing MS5611 which is supposed to be even better, they are slightly better but a long way from perfect - they drifts like crazy for first 3 to 4 minutes when first powered up, a known feature. That is after you have gone to great lengths to keep all light from reaching the sensor.

Switch it on and a few minutes later it has gone down 3 meters below zero, few minutes later it settles at -1 meter.

There is also the MPU6050 which is better than separate ACC and separate Gyro.

Cons are you cannot bench test by just using USB as that doesn't power GPS or 3DR or Xbee so one needs to connect a Lipo and Ubec, no schematics means it is difficult to figure out their weird power distribution.
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