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Repairing the Aluminium Paint on the Wing
I should have been packing for my holiday... Instead, I thought I'd finish the stars and bars on the wings. However, for those of you with a good memory, you might remember me screwing up the aluminium paint on the wing when I did my first mask. The paint was too soft.

Well, I had to fix this. It involved rubbing the aluminium paint right off using solvent and then decanting the aluminium paint into the airbrush, spraying and then buffing back and clear coating. The paint sprayed beautifully from the airbrush which helped. The repair is not perfect, but it will look OK when the weathering goes on. I doubt anyone would notice.

Stars and Bars
The painting of the stars and bars went quite well, and you've all seen that before so I won't go into detail. Some of the old white paint (that I screwed the thinning mix up on when I first tried the airbrush) pulled off with the tape, but I don't mind, as it looks like natural paint flaking.

Wing Underside Navigation Lights
Before I could paint the blue on the underside insignia, I had to make styrene frames for the navigation lights that run under the wing. This is because the frames had to be painted blue in strategic places to match the insignia, so I thought I had better pop them in when I did the painting.

When I made the skin I recessed a circular shape about 2mm into the skin for these lights. The idea was to make little frames and lenses later. I cut the circular frames out of styrene, and made the lenses with clear plastic like you find on packaging, sanded and painted the different colours underneath. These were epoxied into place and work well enough for me. They have a little bit of depth to them and the light reflects of the plastic nicely when the wing is at the right angle.

I thought I'd move the wing into better light to get a photo. I picked it up with one had because I was too lazy to put my phone down. As I was moving it I thought "I had better not damage the wing being stupid and carrying it like this", just as I heard a loud 'crack'! I wasn't looking at one end of the wing and slammed it into the pipes on the ceiling of my garage, damaging the corner. It is slightly buckled and the paint and filler came off down to the fibreglass.

I thought that was a good time to stop and go pack...

Happy Holidays Everyone!
This really is the last update for about a month. I'll see you all again in early January. For all the regular followers and contributors to this thread I want to say thank you for your support and input, and have a merry Christmas and a damn good new year!
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