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So I tried to start my engine tonight…

So when my dad got home from work I told him that I would be setting up stuff on the front porch to start try and start the engine. So I set up a table, vice, shop lights, video camera, etc… on the front porch. As I was out there I grabbed my chicken stick (just a wooden dowel) and began flipping the prop for practice/fun. Well I'm an idiot. So I was flipping the prop when my chicken stick came down and hit my needle valve and bent it! In the shape it was in it was pretty much unusable because when rotating it the handle would hit the prop if the engine was running. When I first got the engine the needle valve was bent a little; last week I fixed that bend by just bending it back straight easily. So I thought I would just do that. Wrong! As I began to put pressure on it, it broke clean off!! Now keep in mind the the needle valve is screwed in fully and it has now sheared flush to the engine so it is impossible to grab with tweezers or something. After being extremely mad at myself for like 2 minutes, I brought the engine to my work desk to sort things out. I couldn't get the needle to rotate by pressure of a screwdriver or awl, so I took my smallest file and filed an extremely shallow notch in the needle valve for one of my precise flat head screwdrivers to just barely catch on. I was able to get the needle out this way. I still wanted to start the engine tonight so I began working on a quick fix. I cut a very thin piece of brass sheet and with a tiny, tiny bit of solder I soldered this brass strip (more like a flattened brass wire) to the end of the needle valve. At this point I could screw the needle valve in all the way just fine because it broke off when it was fully screwed into the engine which was 'good'. I will fix this better over the next few days, but it worked for tonight.

So after remounting my engine to the piece of plywood and filling up the tank, I went and got my dad so we could start the engine. I primed the engine by covering the air intake and turning the prop two or three turns and then tried to start it. The short story is it wouldn't start. I played with the needle valve a bit ranging from 3-4.5 turns out. It popped a few times but never really sputtered. Well I think if I remember it did do like three full rotations on its own once. So then I got my electric starter. On about the third go with the E-starter the engine ran for like maybe 2 or 3 seconds, then no more. I took the glow plug off, and sure enough, my glow charger battery was almost dead. The glow plug glowed a very dim red. So the I spent the next 30minutes trying to find a way to power the glow plug. 2 D batteries didn't make it bright enough, only a very dim red. So I'll charge up my glow charger tomorrow and try 'er again! Quick question, is a 6v lantern battery too much for the glow plug? Will it burn it up? I refrained from using one tonight because I didn't want to blow my glow plug and then be screwed. I knew if that thing burned up it would be a long time before I locate a new one.

Anyway, that's my story for the night! I'd upload a bi of the video, but I have no time to fool with it right now because I'm tired and I have a big test tomorrow sooo, yeah.

Thanks for all of the help so far guys,

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P.S. it may look like in the pictures that the broken needle valve sticks out a little so I could grab onto it…that's not the case
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