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I have narrowed down the problem I think

Originally Posted by Pilot Ray View Post
Hi helicrapter,
Although I doubt this is the problem, but I would first try bypassing the ON/OFF switch for a flight or two so as to eliminate it as a possible cause of the problem. An easy way to temporary eliminate the ON/OFF switch is to make a jumper wire to put where the ON/OFF power wire plugs onto the PCB board. I made a jumper wire by cutting an old connector end from an old 8006 tail motor wire. I cut the connector from the tail motor wire and left about an inch of wire on the connector and then I just soldered the two wire ends together. I then wrapped the soldered area with some electrical tape. Once the jumper wire is made, just plug the jumper wire onto the PCB board socket pins in place of the ON/OFF switch wire.
Keep in mind though whenever using a jumper wire, you will only be able to shut the power off on the helicopter by unplugging the Li-Po battery. Also, since the switch probably isn’t the problem, I would test it by flying the helicopter low to the ground so the helicopter doesn’t fall so far if the power does cut out again.

But since your new helicopter is using a new PCB board, I am real suspicious the PCB is probably the problem. I would also check to make sure battery power wires are soldered well onto the PCB board and that the battery connections are fitting snuggly. I would also try the old battery in the new helicopter to rule out any internal problem on the new Li-Po battery.
I’m just guessing, but since the PCB boards so far have a poor record for consistent flying and can‘t handle much overload (I have my 3rd board coming), your new 8006 PCB board does sound like the most likely culprit.

Ok ive done some testing in my workshop and it seems to be cutting out when I use right rudder.. Left rudder works fine as I kept the stick to the left for a full 45 seconds with no issues. After about 15 seconds of right rudder it cuts off. The power for the Heli remains on after it cuts out and will not operate until I rebind my TX. Would this indicate an issue with the TX or the receiver? I already spend 18 dollars on a new receiver.. could have gotten it cheaper from banggood but I didn't want to wait on the china shipping
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