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do you have your CN-06 V2 GPS connected like this - pay attention to the color of the wires

Did you remember to make these changes in APM_config.h


#define SERIAL2_BAUD 38400 // GPS port
I notice you have Mission Planner 1.2.26

That update occurred yesterday, on my PC it failed toward the end of the update

in Mission Planner I clicked on Help ?
then clicked on Check for Updates

It did the update again without error this time but would not work properly until I had rebooted my PC

I suggest you run Mission Planner DON'T CONNECT, click Help and check for updates, afterward reboot your PC.

After the PC reboots

Connect USB to HK Mega, wait until LEDs settle.

Run Mission Planner DO NOT CONNECT

Type Y to confirm then - wait for a message saying to reboot.APM

Shut down Mission Planner.

Unplug USB

wait 30 seconds

Plug USB back in again, wait until HK Mega LEDs settle down.

Run Mission Planner and connect

It should display GPS: No Fix and eventually GPS : 3D Fix

The numbers for altitude etc should be changing straight away.

If that does not work, disconnect Mission Planner, unplug the GPS, restart HK Mega, connect Mission planner and see if the display of alt is changing as well as compass and artificial horizon.

If that works OK without GPS then the GPS is causing the problem, report back
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