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Originally Posted by PETERRAKE View Post
As I said, you get more pocket money than I do. Evenings out out, what are they?
Don't ask me, I'm the one with a 18 month old child, I don't get to have evenings out!
I agree that it's better than buying the whole thing, but by the time duty is added, and the post office charge for collecting the duty, there's very little change, if any, from 60. I can build several models for that. Even just the duty and charges would pay for at least two similar size foamies.
I've noticed that if the declared value is small enough it'll slip through (the Nieuport did) and Tower Hobbies are happy to ship even small orders. But perhaps the British Customs are more zealous than the Swedish?
I agree it's a valid way of getting a particular model, and does give me something to think about, but bemoaning my poverty stricken status wasn't the point I was trying to make. I actually enjoy the thinking through an idea, drawing it up and building it.
It might not seem it but I'm much the same; but in my case the constraint is time, which I lack. I have ample time to think about projects, worrying every little detail and occasionally find an original, sometimes even elegant solution, but there simply isn't any time for me to sit down and get to it.
It's frustrating to say the least to carry a couple of finished projects in your head and not be able to materialise it.
Which is where the spare-parts-as-kit comes in, one evening of glueing my fingers together and I let out some steam and have a model to show for it.
Not that I have time to fly it..
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