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For me, it's the flying. It's always been the flying or fantasy of flying that got me to either build or buy.

For some reason I always liked small models. I was sort of astounded and dismayed when I first saw a full house reed RC model. I built a few small planes and carved a glider to fit a Citizenship SE-2 escapement. Solid balsa hollowed out using bent halves of stainless steel double edged razor blades. (Wilkinson Sword) Air foiled sheet wings and a V tail. Probably just a bit bigger than the ASK-21.

So I build if there is nothing that I can buy to match the picture in my head, but as Pouncer said the RTF suppliers have most of the bases covered. I'd have to go a long way to build something better than either the MiG 15 or Spitfire from Horizon, or, for that matter the ASK-21, except that I don't think they've got a lot of gliders in the queue so that's what I'll be building if anything. That and a '32 Ford roadster body sans wheels and fenders for my mQX. (With FPV in the driver's seat) just a day dream.

I'll add that nothing I've ever flown is quite like the MiG once it builds up a head of steam. The Spit is no slouch either despite it being 1S. It's the best looking over the counter RTF I've ever seen.

Pete, who always liked the small stuff.

BTW, I'm not rich, but this is the ONLY thing I spend money on.
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