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Originally Posted by long leng View Post
glad to have you there !!

i know the team prefers gas over electric setups and all recommendations about are public, however, what are the experiences about electric setups you made during thouse two years. powerwise, power compared to da-60, recommended prop,...etc...everything you know.
I flew the first prototype for several months with the Rimfire 50cc on a 12S 8000mah set-up turning a 22x10 prop. Power was fantastic but flight times were 4-5 minutes. This is the plane that Daniel Holman flew in the 2011 XFC. RJ Gritter flew a prototype with the Hacker Q80, again power was great, but flight times were short and for the 2011 King 50 contest he switched to a DA-60. For me, and this is just my personal preference, I prefer a gas engine for this size plane. It is a lot of work to maintain several sets of 12S battereis and all the support equipment requred to fly as much as I like to fly when I go to the field. I feel that I am just getting warmed up when it is time to land with the electric setup. I believe it won't be long until the battery technology progresses to the point that 10-12 minute flights are the norm and then I will reconsider my position.
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