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Originally Posted by jakestew View Post
I'm liking the new forum so far! Great job starting this thread Ray!

I really like the BIT-Switch project, looks like we're already getting some great ideas here! The way the switch inputs are debounced I had always been thinking might work with a PWM signal also with a little tweaking. We could also integrate the PIC10F202 on our timer boards if I can't get the switches working well with PWM input.

I see the source isn't available for the BIT-Switch. It sure would be nice to be able to set multiple switch function ranges on the PWM channel. We still have one pin left on the 1840, so I'll see if I can't make that into a PWM pin that can operate the kill and table switches from a single RC channel.

Hi Jake, I'm glad to see you finally made it over here and thank you for the complement. Yah, bit-switch is a neat little project. No source just the hex code. I have a source code for the PICAXE that is almost the same as the bit-switch. I just haven't had time to look at it, never mind try to port it over to 'C'.

This $10 RC switch controls 7 outputs from one RC channel...

So I think it's not unreasonable to control a couple switches from a single pin on our 1840.

I can see a couple of R/C switches but, 7, I'm not sure about that. Must be a combination of stick moves and normal switches.


P.S. If you are having trouble downloading and opening the zip files from it could be because the "Use HTTP 1.1" option in internet tools (IE) is turned on. If you have this problem PM me and I'll send you the instructions to turn it off.
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