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Tx Update

Last sailed Syren with a Spektrum 7 channel. Had to select stbd/port guns by maxing out the driver to trip an onboard microswitch. Also, while handling the Tx/paddling chase boat/taking pics, the two main sticks used for yard rotation would get bumped. Or main yards/rudder on same stick was tricky.
So a major rethink of control layout for a JR 9 channel Tx is due.
Old 7ch plan pic attached, also new prelim 9 channel plan.
In the new 9ch plan, two small levers (see Tx pics) on the sides of the Tx will be replaced by larger rotary knobs and 330deg rotation pots (vs the 60 deg rotation of the current levers) One pic shows a test pot on an extension wire....
Anyway - yard rotation will be fingertip, have better precison with the full rotation, will be independent of other controls (eg not the same stick as rudder), and will not be easily bumped out of set position.
Also, since the Tx is used for many models, I didn't want to modify the right stick by adding a ratchet (that was necessary on the old 7 ch setup).
Will be interesting to think this thru and to see how it eventually works.
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