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With no blades there should be virtually NO vibes. If blades makes it worse they need to be balanced. The tail blades spin ~4x the headspeed so even though they are small, their imbalance is accentuated by their insanely high rotational speed.

Make sure that you always balance main blades & tail blades. Once the blades are the same weight see if the tail smooths out. If it still shakes at speed add a little more balancing tape to one blade, if it gets worse pull that extra & put it on the other blade. (This extra tape beyond blade balancing is to counter act whatever off balance there might be in the tail assembly itself). Same goes for the main blades, once they're balanced see if the head is smooth at speed, if shake is still present & all shafts are new add a little tape to one side & attempt to balance the assembly as a whole... but do the tail first as it seems that's where most of the vibes are coming from.

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