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Altitude Hold Parameter Adjustments

I just came in from a short test over the driveway as I made some changes to the altitude hold settings.

It seemed to make an improvement. Conditions: very light wind, 5 degrees C outside. I have added my own version of a simple 2 axis gimbal camera mount for HK wingcam bringing all up weight to just over 1,000g flying weight, 9 chnl Orange RX with satellite, 2650 ma Nano-Tech.

min Gas default 350, raised to 375
max Gas default 700, reduced to 675

At about 75 ft and in a stable hover in Balance mode, switched to Altitude hold and it just sat in space without a lot of auto throttle changes. It was much steadier better than before.

I did try min Gas 400 max Gas 650, earlier, but it seemed to hunt even more so I think the numbers have to have a certain range between min and max. Of course that will also depend on your overall flying weight as I expect as you load on the weight it will take more power to hold a steady hover, so your min and max would have to go up to compensate for the additional weight.

I still can't figure out how to give the controller a bit more "forward" when in Balance mode as even adding forward trim, the quad still seems to want to back up a lot. I want to hold a position even in some wind, but it seems I have to hold a lot of forward stick. The FC is fighting my input. Any ideas?
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