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So what nation will this Mirage 2000 represent????

I personally wanted to do a Mirage that was from a Nation that is one of the United States Allies. I did not want to do a French version (even though the Mirage is French... ..... LOL). That would be too common and easy. So I decided upon a English Speaking Nation, one far away, and Down Under. The Austrailians (of course)

Now no getting in a huff here, because I did take a bit of Artistic Licence here, and colors may be slightly different, insignia may be seen on the top and bottom of the wing and such. The camo was not handstakingly copied on graph paper and transfered to the airframe. In fact, it was all freehand with the airbrush, and only masking was the nose and tail cone seperation! Oh well I'm allowed. Besides this is one tiny model and it will not be in any contests. It is in fact just a test bed, but had to look the part to be in my Fleet!

So I did my signature light weight tissue decals for this baby! A couple should probably be shrunken a bit more, but I was ready to get this thing finished (something a few have accused my of not doing on some other jets in the works).

So note these photos are of my process to make Decals. Pennies a sheet, so made several. I wanted to try my new printer so I did transparent and the white back coated variety. I have a Mini How Too Thread on doing these Decals if you haven't seen it Here is a Link to the Decal Thread.


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