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Originally Posted by transformingfoam View Post
I have turned off the pc and turned it back on. same thing.
I plug in the camera via usb cable. Green light is on & charging.
Press the on-off button and the yellow led then it goes red. The computer goes bong bong(as it always did). BUT no "K" drive in "my computers" & the GUI does not find the camera either.

If I plug my thumb drive in the same USB port "K" drive appears after the bong bong.
If your card is not being detected by the PC, it will not connect as a USB drive, but you will still get a double "bong" sound when the camera then goes to webcam mode, which it will do if no card is detected. But the double bong sound has the hi and lo tones reversed, so you can tell by listening if that is what happens. You could also boot a program that has a webcam mode and see if you can get video from the camera.

Try a different memory card in the camera, too. Turn your camera on with no card in it... the yellow LED should start a slow flash every second indicating no card detected. Then insert a card. The camera should then boot to the normal yellow LED. Those test should help rule out a problem with the card or the camera's card slot.

If you can confirm that the card is not being detected, your card slot in the camera could have a dirty, bent, or broken pin preventing the card from being read. But it's virtually impossible to see if that's the case without opening the card slot cover (NOT recommended). But you could try to clean the pins with a little alcohol on the card pads, then repeatedly insert and eject the card several times. I sometimes use a very thin piece of card board wetted with alcohol inserted in the card slot to wipe the pins.

This may all be for naught, but it will help isolated the problem.
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