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Originally Posted by Neil_SC View Post
I'm trying to decide if I want to go 6S or 8S. I currently do an even mix of 3D and precision. I will be buying batteries either way but I already have a CC ICE 100. What are the pros and cons between 6S and 8S? 6S draws more current since less of the power is coming from voltage, right? Isn't that why most 6S setup seem to involve 5000-5300mah batteries and 8S involves 4000-4400mah?

I compared the weights of the motor and batteries for 6S and 8S Hacker setups and got the weights below. So the 8S setup will be about 10 oz heavier. Does anyone know about how much thrust each of these setups make, assuming an 18" prop on 8S and 20" on 6S? The larger prop allowed on the 6S setup probably helps with 3D, right? I do like a very floaty 3D plane but I like to have enough thrust to comfortably hover at half throttle and have good vertical punch-out from 3D. Thanks.

Hacker A60-6XS (16.9 oz) + 5000mah 6S 30C (28.6 oz) = 45.5 oz total
Hacker A60-5S (21 oz) + 4400mah 8S 35C (34 oz) = 55 oz total
I run a pair of 3800 and 4000. IMO you don't want to get to light up front, I like mine more nose heavy than neutral. I run a 20oz 5320 330 with a 19x8. Batterys all the way up.

6 minutes of fun with 25-30 left.
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