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Originally Posted by RoboSerg View Post
Thanks for the answers guys. Couple more:

So whats the downside of using smaller prop with higher KV motor? This way you have almost same torque + more speed.
Turnigy2836 1200kv has 1100g thurst.
Turnigy2836 2350kv has 800g thurst.

Ok less thrust but double more speed, right ?

What is highest KV motor one whould go? I still dont understand what downsides I will be having installing 2200KV motor ?

Are the wings detachable? I can see the wings are held in play with 4 screws. Does it hold good or any further mods are required to hold the wings in place (think of AXN Clouds Fly)

What shaft diameter do I need for the spinner that comes with the ARF version? I was thinking about Turnigy 2836 1200kv motor but it has 4mm shaft.
1. Well, think of a F1 race car engine (20K RPM) vs. a Monster truck engine. Which would you rather have to get you off the ground and out of trouble? The higher RPM might give you more top end speed, but the motor with more torque will haul you around and get you up to altitude faster. This is a powered sailplane. They are meant to be flown by powering up to altitude (200-500 m), and then turning the motor OFF while you go looking for lift (thermals). They are not meant to be flown by flying around with the motor on continuously. Buy yourself a Parkzone T-28 if you want to do that.

1b. totally depends on the prop you're swinging. You could probably go with a 8 incher with the high kV motor. But the 10 or 11 inch prop will give you more power. And if you put the larger prop on the higher kV motor, it will draw WAY more current than it should, and either blow up the motor, the ESC, or shorten your battery life to a few minutes.

4. yes, removable wings held on w/ four 3mm screws. When you crash, it will sometimes rip out the foam around the screw holes in the wing. Repair w/ polyurethane (gorilla) glue.

5. the supplied motor has a 3mm shaft. Most of the motors in that size range have a 4mm shaft, so you'll need new prop adapter and spinner if you replace the motor. I believe the stock prop is a 10x5 or 10x6.

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