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Originally Posted by Ridinspurs View Post
Thanks Ray for the reply. Sorry it took me so long to get back, honey do stuff!
It seems to roll over in the same direction each time trying to take off. (not up in the air)
I replaced both shafts so they should be straight.
If I really horse it off the ground quickly, I can over come the roll over, but it's pretty squirrly in the air. Almost like the gyro is messed up.
Hi Ridinspurs,
I would double check to make sure that your 8006’s main rotor shaft is perfectly square (straight up and down) with the main frame (side plates) and check to make sure that the landing skids are sitting exactly 90 degrees to the main rotor shaft and straight with the rest of the helicopter. I would also check these by looking at the helicopter head on.

Also when doing the takeoffs, I would try using a quick burst of power to clear the ground. The 8006 main blades make a lot of turbulence when close to the ground and attempting a gradual throttle up takeoff can greatly increase the risk of a possible tip-over do to heavy thrust deflecting up from the ground.

About the squirrelly condition, I would first try flying the helicopter on a really calm day and see if the helicopter has any tendency to want to keep rotating while its flying. If it does it could be that the gyro trim just needs fine tuned with the trim button while flying. When the helicopter is functioning properly and the gyro is well adjusted (and the air is calm), the 8006 helicopter will be easy to fly and very stable flying. (Note; I would also double check to make sure PCB board is firmly tightened to plastic mount and that the plastic mount is tight on frame. If the PCB board is loose on the plastic mount, the gyro will never be able to control the helicopter properly and the helicopter will have a mind of its own and be jerky to control). Also as the air becomes less calm or breezier though, the 8006 can become a little more harder to control when flying. I should mention too that the function of the gyro on the 8006 (and 8005) helicopter is just to keep the helicopter pointed straight (it limits any unwanted rotating) and generally most handling problems are caused by other problem like improper balance, something loose, something bent or missing, etc.

I don’t know if this helps at all, but if this doesn’t help, we might need a little more detailed info about how your helicopter is acting and sounding when its flying.

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