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Originally Posted by satinet View Post
Bill as a rough rule of thumb I find I usually consume about 300-500 mah per hour with a 3m/6 digi mouldie flying at the slope.

Obviously you can bring it up or down depending on what you do and what your setup is. That being said i don't find the type/brand of servo makes a massive difference. Flying style makes a difference - constant maxed out flying uses more obviously.

I don't think with nickel batteries you really want to go too far below half charge (IMHO).

Per the advice above I don't find f3b flying uses too much battery. Although there is really no need to have flat batteries if you are winching as you have lead 12v batteries and chargers on site all the time.

I agree that something in the order of 2 hours is reasonable. Assuming no binding servos and such!
Thanks to all for the feedback.

My particular model has a good size motor/esc/lipo up front. This makes the plane tend to be nose heavy. After placing mock-up pack (7ozs.) on the boom, it looks like I will need the heavier stick pack way down the boom.

I just ordered 2 different packs to try. One being a 2700mah, and the other a 4000mah. These give me the weight and dimensions I need with mah to spare. So no concerns on capacity

Thanks, Bill
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