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Originally Posted by cmavr8 View Post
Hello, I have the Revolectrix Cellpro Multi4 charger and I want to do an equalizing charge to one of my 12V 24Ah VRLA (lead acid) batteries.

Instead of the standard 2.33V per cell, I want to use 2.5V for this special charge.

I loaded the library preset for 12V Lead acid battery, but when changing the Charge Voltage above 2.35V per cell I get the following in the Error tab:
"CELL DETECT MAX V should be >= CHARGE VOLTS + 50mV (2.405V)".

I cannot find where to set CELL DETECT MAX V so I can up the charge volts to the desired 2.5.

Using PC software version 2.19, charger has firmware V 1.67.


O.K. I have really great news for you! I sent your request over to the design engineer and he had time to do something just for you!

He published a new version of the Charge Control Software for the Multi4 which includes a new preset in the FMA Library of the CCS application.

You can get this new version using one of the following methods:

1) Launch the application, close it, then launch it again.
2) You should get a prompt to update the CCS. Click Yes.


1) Go to the install page and re-install the application.


Once you get the update, then follow these steps to load the new preset into your Multi4.

1) Highlight an EMPTY preset or one you wish to over-write with the new preset he generated for you.

2) From the main menu do this command:

File > FMA Library Presets > Open File to Preset #

3) Browse to the Folder for Lead Acid batteries, and select the new preset titled "Lead 12v AGM Equalize.PST".

4) Now if you check the field Charge Voltage on the Charge tab, you can set the charge voltage higher. The AGM presets do the finishing charge you're looking for.

How's that for service? Let me know if you have any questions.

Tim Marks
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