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AV8r this isn't like the Euro where you have three different controls operating in pitch and roll (Elevons, Canards and TV).
The tailerons are set up the same way you do just the elevon alone or just the TV alone. In fact its a duplication of the TV setup on the TX.

The FW SU comes with a Y radio wire for the stabilators. To convert them to tailerons you need to replace the Y with separate individual radio wires to each servo. When I was speaking with Andy its still the one thing that JR/Spek has not added to their default wing types menu (tailerons) and using elevon mode changes the flap operation. But since the DX18 comes with some many extra mixes you can use the four mixes for the TV and four mixes for the taileron in what ever channels you choose.

Oh and an easy way to pull the radio wires through is connect the single replacements to the ends of the existing Y, tie the ends off and pull the Y through till you feed them back to the radio.

Everything else stays the same.
And to your earlier question on setup, with the exception of the TV and Tails, everything is all basic setup. The only thing you might change is how much expo and assigned switches which is your choice.
Just follow the FW manual for TV setup but with the throws/DR/Expo of the stabs.

You got this.... You already know how to set it up since the Euro is even harder to setup.
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