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Jet Ranger with a New Set of Shoes

Hi all:

A while ago, I got a Century Jet Range body kit for my second Align 550 kit. I thought I had a build thread but apparently I didn't and any pictures of it I must have tagged on to other threads like that from Sideways. When I first built the Ranger, I did post a build thread on and one of the regulars there (he does post here on occasion), JestRR, poked a bit of fun at the landing gear that I had cobbled together from the old 600 3D gear and the existing skids from the kit. Sort of a "nice kid, ugly shoes" poke and that was to prompt me to build a better looking set of skids for such a nice looking heli. He was right. I don't have the shop facility or brazing equipment so I asked about getting a set made. Until just a little while ago, I was not able to get the technology together to make it happen, but a month ago, I was able to do so.

Yesterday, a knock at the door came from the postman and I knew there was only one outstanding item coming my way. Yippee. I opened the box up to find two of the most well put together landing skids I have ever seen. One is the set on the heli now, the other is being saved for a refinish when I can get everything ready (my room purged, to be exact) to convert it to a Canadian Forces CH-136 Kiowa. This will give me one heli from Canada, the US, and France (may change to Denmark at a later date) in my large fleet.

Earlier this summer, I decided to do some auto-rotation practice with of all things, my Ranger. I was 10 seconds from the ground but needed 15 to get the rotor back spinning again and it sumarily dumped itself on some very long grass. Had these steel skids been on it, I am sure that the heli would have bounced rather than the skids collapsing and damage happening to the gelcoat. It was up in the air the next day and even all blades, shafts, and gears were fully intact. I then got in contact with JestRR about seriously getting the gear made, so today, here they are.

Since I didn't get a build thread started here, I will add the pictures I have of it while it was in the process of being finished the first time (this is the second body as the first one was ruined last year in an unfortunate loss of orientation accident) and from the new landing gear install. Thanks and take care.


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