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Faster !!!

Originally Posted by datura View Post
I do have the Phoenix simulator, but unfortunately it doesn't run on my computer (Macbook Air) so I have to run it on my girlfriend's PC and she is always using the thing I haven't checked lately to see if there is a Bixler or Bixler 2 model there.
I have a Macbook Pro that I use for work, and I run VMWare and a Windows 7 emulator on it (also XP, Linux, and a 2008 server). It's a powerful enough computer that I can run all of those OS at once and it still chugs along. I think you can get VMware for free for personal use.

Originally Posted by datura View Post
I love the idea of these foam board planes and it seems like there are plans for all shapes and sizes on the net. I must admit I'm partial to the extremely slow indoor flyers. Too bad I don't have a gymnasium handy to play in!
Check You Tube. There are videos of planes that are so small that people flying in regular sized living rooms, using the coffee table as the landing strip. I've been thinking one could really cheat and make a wing with mylar fuel tanks using the classic airfoil shape ... and put helium in the tanks rather than fuel. Maybe make a mylar fuselage and make it more buoyant. One might not get enough helium to make it float, but imagine if one could reduce the apparent weight by half. Or more. You could use a smaller motor and smaller battery and that would mean more weight savings. Hydrogen is even more buoyant than helium. You could make SUPER light planes, and re-enact the Hindenberg in your living room.

How about a hydrogen filled weener balloon as the fuselage, and superlight foam wings and tail feathers?

Originally Posted by datura View Post
I wonder if the 2 would fly as quickly and agile as the 1 if it had a motor upgrade?
Once again check You Tube. There are several videos of motor upgrades on the Bixler 2, and one of the videos the guy is flying so fast that the wings are vibrating. He is going to reinforce the hollow carbon spar tube with an interior solid rod and try it again. I didn't look to see if he reports on the results. I think he also enlarged the air ducts to handle the heat generated by the bigger ESC.

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