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Originally Posted by BJ64 View Post
I've asked this in another thread (slow response), so I hope you don't mind me asking it again in here.

I'm new to CAD/CAM & CNC, but I'm looking for some simple and cost-effective software that will allow me to input some accurate cross-sections, arrange them as per the offset's (spacings) on the plan, and then CNC hotwire the fuselage foam sections from there (to end up with a plug to mold from).

I've had a look at DevFus and DevFus Foam etc. - but they seem to go the other way. i.e. input a 3-view and create the cross-sections from that. As well as the 'virtualized' 3D fuze sections.

I need to find something that will accept my cross-sections + known spacings and produce to a 3D solid and cut from there.

The 'long hand' way to do it, of course, is to cut all the cross-sections in something like 3mm ply, cut the foam to the required spacing, and manually hotwire around each 'sandwich section'. But that's a lot of scroll-sawing, smooth-filing etc. of ply, then arranging that lot to build up a set of foam sections. If I could do away with the woodwork, and just use a CNC hotwire to produce the foam sections, it should end up saving me a heap of work.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Look at this one...
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