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Originally Posted by jrtubb View Post
One thing that has bugged me about the Stratos since we got it is a lack of good ground handling control. I know that a steerable nose gear would probably get damaged by those that learn to fly, but I really dislike the fact that you have to steer on the ground with the right stick.

My son has learned to use the left stick on the ground from flying our micros and our large glow trainer. I decided to try and experiment with an old Eflight controller today to link the rudder stick to the aileron stick so that at lest he can steer with the rudder a bit easier on the ground since that is what he has learned by habit. I documented the process in this thread, and will to some test flights with the micro tomorrow before I modify the Stratos controller.

If test flights go well I plan to look at changing the nose wheel to a steerable configuration next. I know some durability might be lost, but my son is pretty good at landing now so he should have minimum issues.
Why not just connect up the extra servo pinouts on the Stratos receiver? They're already there and connected to the chip and just need to have pins added. One of them probably runs the rudder channel.

I keep meaning to buy the connectors when I'm at the hobby shop, but forget each time, including 2 days ago. I even told the store clerk that that's what I wanted to do and we headed over to the correct parts shelf but got sidetracked... again. The clerk told me that he called and spoke with Horizon Hobby tech support and they basically refused to tell him what the pinouts were for.

Hook 'em up and tell us how they work!

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