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Originally Posted by Tim Jonas View Post
John Kennedy is on that coin because he was assasinated. Not because he was a fabulous President.

Many, many people suspect that Kennedy's father "bought" him the 1960 Presidential Election.

He was a lying adulterer who pimped out 19 year old interns to other members of his staff.

He is also said to have had ties to the Mafia through his women.

John Kennedy gave you Vietnam. He believed in Eisenhower's Domino Effect.

I grew up Irish Catholic. My parents revered JFK because he was a charismatic, young, Irish Catholic who became President. Truth is, other than the Cuban Missile Crisis, which he handled admirably, he was a 3 year President that was assassinated.

Had there been the Press coverage then like there is today, he would be viewed entirely differently.
Like most presidents, he was a complicated man. Still, he was the last one that INSPIRED people in my memory-with the exception of Obama (being the first black in that office).
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