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Originally Posted by HoosierGuy View Post
I'm not sure that foam in the can I used to fix my wings would be good for more repairs. So far it has not become rock hard. I did use it to fix my wings but I also coated the top and bottom with that spackling I bought and then covered the top and bottom with shoo goo. But I'm still experimenting with it though.

the foam-in-a- can "Great Stuff", etc. has solvents which need to escape / evaporate; the Goop coating you mentioned may be slowing that process, or you may have the low density product version.

Manufacturers produce the foam in at least two different expansion rates / densities- one that expands a lot but has bigger gas pockets (weaker) after expansion & drying, and another that expands less but ends up with smaller gas pockets, is denser, and is likely structurally stronger after drying. The can label should specify how many cubic feet to which the contents can be expected to expand.

Snow is coming to Colorado's high country; time to swap out wheels for skis again! Here's one of my more recent designs for snow flying; the 62" span wing mounts on three different fuselages. (With all of the venting on a glider fuselage as I've done on my Phoenix 2000, landings in soft snow can result in moisture getting to the ESC, servos, receiver... not a good thing!)

I built the fuselage below with snow flying in mind; ESC & receiver protected within the solid EPP foam fuselage, & a solid 1/8" aircraft ply mount plate in the belly to which the ski /wheel gear can be mounted. (A folding prop is used.) Even with the drag of the wire landing gear and skis / wheels, this one glides power-off nicely & does some thermalling now & then too! But the snow takeoffs & landings are really a lot of fun- what I designed this fuselage to do! So If you already have a wing you like, you might consider scratch-building a fuselage for it.

[Historical Inspirations: Dynaflite sells a built-up balsa kit design called the "Butterfly" which had a 100" span wing on a fairly streamlined fuselage with a small nose-mounted glow engine, and light landing gear. Great Planes still distributes it these days:

Back in the early '80s, I put aluminum skis under a 100" span Bob Martin 2S glider design so that I could land on the snow of the ball fields at the foot of the Lake Dillon dam after flying the slope breezes there.

[In these days of 'homeland insecurity' they don't allow anyone to fly that fine slope any more... but I spent a lot of hours there teaching myself to fly in those slope winds in the early '80s.]


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