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Turk: I have not messed with the timing and I used to have that motor mounted with a prop and it ran great. I suppose if it is possible, I could try retarding the timing a bit.

Hutchinstuff: That would be a really ambitious and cool project. It would have to be massive to make the power to weight worth it. Probably would be better off with a single gasser in the 50cc range, and just run two rectifiers off the motor; one for each BL setup. Just don't try to use two rectifiers in parallel...

DarZeelon: the ignition is not hooked up at all, no sensor, plug, power... its just a motor with a sensor wire dangling down.

I am just wondering if I should be trying to design some sort of clutch in this, like adapt a slipper clutch from an RC truck? that way if it backfires it can just slip and not trash the gears?

Anything of that sort is going to require a lot of planning and effort, that is why I am trying to get an idea about what other people who have designed and successfully implemented starters have done about the issue of backfire.

I also realize that I can buy certain off the shelf solutions but I really wanted to make it myself, just for kicks... like kit building vs buying an ARF.

Thanks again everyone for the input.
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