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Originally Posted by PurpleShark View Post
It stopped raining today, I took my new heli to the park and was having a blast practicing my hover. I than tried some rudder while hovering and it started going fast, so I cut the throttle and broke my tail boom. It crashed from about 3ft (1 meter) over grass , I thought it is much more durable than that... I guess I can use my spare V911 boom, but I think I'll wait for my sim to arrive first.

Cheers and a happy weekend.
You can get a 1mm round CF rod and CA it inside the boom the make it more, muh more durable. but you need to re-route the wires on the outside and change the stock enamel wires to something PVC or silicone coated in order not to short them and fry the tail FET.

Careful though, with a solid boom you risk breaking the frame on bad crashes. I did break a frame once, but other than that, I'm more than happy since I'm not replacing booms once or twice every week.

With the stock hollow boom you must be careful with the landings on hard surfaces too, because they put strain on your boom where it enters the frame, and in time it will eventually split.
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