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Originally Posted by Thint1 View Post

yes, iīve tried this .... but i used a mixer that iīve build by myself 20 years ago (at a time before my first computerized transmitter). this mixer has potentiometers to match the pulse-lenght and servo-throw. unfortunatelly i lost the layout, therefore i canīt post it
so i linked to the hk-mix ... sorry that this mix doesnīt perform well.

your idea to use a guardian 2d-3d may work ... i donīt have a 2d-3d, but your configuration (ailerons and v-tail) is listed in the manual. therefore my opinion is "should work".

for rth functions i suggest to connect the osd between receiver and aileron/elevator on the 2d-3d - same like you wrote before.

cu Thomas
OK, so I've reorganized the control system as we discussed, daisy-chained. Can't test it yet, even on the bench, because my cat knocked my trans off the bench and broke off the 3-pos switch I was gonna use for mode, so it's in the shop- too tiny and cramped in there for me to repair myself. Anyway, it's snowing hard.
I plan to use one 3-pos for the 2D/3D mode, and the other for OSD on screen menu.
As I understand it, both units are pass- through when off. -right?
That way, if the two fall to arguing about how much aileron to use or something, I can pull someone's plug.

We're way into the twilight zone here-

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