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Originally Posted by chopper62 View Post
Sorry but your info is incorrect. I was one of the two who designed the conversion kit for the T-500 to nitro. We sold about 100 kits and stopped. It has insane power for 6 to 7 minutes of flight. The conversion kit is currently being produce by another.

Tim Jones flew the proto-type and a video can be found on you tube.
every one that i have talked to about it says the same thing .30s just dont make power like the bigger engines and flight times where short maybe 4 min

power to weight is FAR in favor of e power on a 500 its not even funny the kit never sold well they had trouble moving them

Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Why was the project stopped? Is it just that it wasn't popular enough? Or possibly that it was just more beneficial to let a 3rd party produce the conversion kits for the market that wants them?

Is the power to mass ratio that much higher on a nitro compared to a electric? I get 6-7 minutes on my X5 with a 4000 mAh pack. I think a 500 would get a little longer because it should be lighter? But still at least the same, if it could fit a 4000 mAh. What would a tank of nitro cost approx. in USD? It seems like nitro is just constant maintenance, tuning and cleaning. Is it worth all the mess and everything cost wise? If the power to mass ratio is better and the rotor keeps torque though the whole fight. I might be going nitro too one day. But i suspect as the motor heats, performance drops?
torque HP and both MUCH better with electric then nitro and .30s are pretty bad to start with they just arnt developed like the bigger engines are
Epower is lighter higher HP and FAR FAR more torque
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