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Originally Posted by av8ersteve View Post
Do you guys just set yours up traditional (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder) or some way else like a delta mix or something? I would hate to do this setup then find out it fly's better someway else. Thanks.
AV8r, its been set all different ways.
Fly it first and then decide. You can always make the changes later reprogramming the TX and adding the needed separate radio lines. All the servos stay the same.

Full functionality takes nothing away, it only adds to performance in small ways. As Pete said though [IMO depending on your flying skills] you may or may not even notice the difference depending on the kind of flying that you intend to do.

So no need for the question; just decide. By choosing an 8 channel RX you have limited your option to only one addition as each requires an additional channel;
  • Rudders separate from nose steering
  • TV Yaw on/off
  • Tailerons
  • Flapperons
If you are looking for just straight flying, use it as is.
If you want more 3D or scale performance then add the rest.
Rudder and steering, TV Yaw I don't see as primary because turning them off is all that adds.
Flapperons.... well from previous conversations and questions I don't think you'll really use them without many other questions trying to figure them out.
So as some did like SU-4Ever, if you want to look at his flight vids we added tailerons to improve roll control at low speeds if you understand 3D throttle control.

There are lots of opinions and only a very few have tried all the various options successfully so really just try it yourself. The flip to that is most everything you've watched on vids only have an improved drive setup.
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