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Originally Posted by view27 View Post
Hi Joe,
I'm glad to see I have tweaked your interest. You are going to love what is coming next.
The board is the MultiWii Pro from Hobby King purchased about 2 weeks ago.
The last post I sent you saying that A8 = Throttle and A10 = Yaw was incorrect. It is actually A8 = Throttle, A10 = Pitch and A11 = Yaw.
I done as you suggested with one channel to the Receiver only. The results are:-
A8 = Throttle
A9 = Roll
A10 = Pitch
A11 = Yaw
A12 = Radio 5
A13 = Radio 6
A14 = Radio 7
A15 = Radio 8

The above readings are correct as I checked them 3 times to make sure.
I also hooked up the ESC's and motors from my trusty old Quad. (I reset all the ESC's.). The results were that the board armed and the motors worked fine. It did take a while as the yaw stick had to be moved to the left to arm, where I'm sure my Quad was armed to the right. I still have to check all directions and calibrations yet. Will do that when the new ESC"s arrive.
The transmitter is a JR3810 with an ASSAN 2.4Ghz module and Receiver. I also noticed that all the wires are in a row from the board to the Receiver.
They seemed to have changed something. I would send you some photos but I don't know how to do that as there seems to be no way of attaching them to this Window.

That is simply amazing, if you are correct then they must have changed the layout of the board between the first batch which I purchased from HK on the first day HK released it and the one you have. But I see no plausible reason for them even considering doing that, so I remain skeptical.

I tested each channel one at a time connecting only ONE signal cable from my receiver Throttle, all other receiver channels disconnected from my HK Mega running MPNG using Mission Planner and this is what I see in mission planner Radio Calibration as I move that single Throttle cable from A8 to A11 and move the Throttle stick.

A8 -- YAW
A9 -- ROLL

I did test it one at a time using the same single receiver output to rule out any TX or RX channel mapping issues.

can you compare the back of your board with the back of my board photo below on the right side in the photo which shows the traces to A8 - A11 and see if you can spot any differences.

I am still tempted to ask - are you sure you have ruled out any channel mapping in your TX - you used only one RX output and moved it one a time to A8, A9, A10, A11 while observing that one channel showing up and moving in Mission Planner - ALL other RX cables other than GND and 5V disconnected?
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