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2S Life packs are 7.2 Volts. That is just fine.

I'm not sure what you are getting at ith the 4 amps per channel, so I am reluctant to answer.

I did a preliminary search, and didn't find what I was looking for.

According to this picture, it is possible to connect your OSD to the Data Recorder.

I would have to read more in depth to figure out where it hooks. I searched the manual, and didn't find it, but I'm sure it is there.

It is just a little unclear as to how you want to configur the equipment, and what you want to accomplish, so I don't know how to approach it.

Concerning the amps, I would email Bill. He knows the system, and could give you a definite answer.

Originally Posted by johnfly1234 View Post
I am trying to hook up an fpv system mainly for the data collection. The airplane is large and gas powered and allthough i have the elogger v4 I don't plan on running major current through it. also have osd pro,Flight data recorder and host of other stuff...... but first .....
1. Will the osd handle current loads of possibly 4 amps per channel ?
2. Can i run 2s life packs ? I know it's ok for radio gear not sure about et stuff.
3. Does the data recorder somehow plug into the osd or is it a standalone recorder?
I realize these questions have maybe been asked but if they have I can't find them.... I have been educating myself for the last 4 days and i think my eyes are beginning to bleed!!!
Thanks in advance ............. John.
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