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Originally Posted by Mr. Wiz View Post
Why does ones conscience have to limit profit? People that place profit above everything else in their lives, IMHO, live a miserable existence. But limiting profit isn't the answer. The answer is to live a balanced life. Imagine any company's CEO telling their employees, we are taking new steps to limit our profit. Do you think anyone would cheer that statement? Would you feel secure as an employee working for a company like that? I know I wouldn't. Now, if treating people poorly is the method used to boost profit, well, that's different. Now we're back to those that need to balance their lives. I think that by I large most successful companies treat their employees well and in doing so enjoy heightened levels of productivity. This generally increases profitability. That's not a crime.
I agree, but unfortunately treating employees poorly is too frequently a method of increasing profit; "increasing productivity" by not giving much in the way of raises (while sitting on a record pile of cash), and making one person do the work of 2 or 3 is quite common these days.
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