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Blah stripped another hole on my motor while adjusting it today. I managed to fix it using the following.

2x M3x10 alloy steel machine screws.

2x M3 plain stainless steel nuts.

Dremel tool.


I screwed the nuts onto a screw and bolted this into the dremel and ground them down to 4.75mm threaded rings (the nuts were too big to fit due to a raised part next to the screw holes inside the end of the motor.

Then I threaded the screws in from the front and with some small pliers and a lot of cursing I got the rings onto the ends of the screws. Screwd them through the nuts so that 2-3mm of the screws was poking out the other side and put some red locktite on it, Then backed the screw though the nut so that the end of the screw was flush with it. Let that set for 10 minutes then applied some red locktite to the screws and backed them out the holes till they were snug (there was enough thread left to reasonably tighten the screw) Then I cut the heads off the screws. Now the motor has two thredded mounting studs that can be fixed to the motor mount with nylock nuts.
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