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and to be fair to the smart car... it's an inner city commuter vehicle.. not really "meant" to be driven overland for hours and hours at highway speed. back when i lived "in town" and my commute was all of five minutes and had to worry about parallel parking all the time?

yeah, might be a good idea.
also the comparbly priced fuel economy thing.. well.. its a european car... for them to be certified for the US they had to add a few hundred extra pounds of safety features to the dang things, which of course Killed the projected fuel savings.. shed an extra 20mpg off it actually.if I remember the numbers right.

I wish I still had that picture of me PICKING UP a Vespa 400 micro car. that thing was terrifying. cute looking little.. and I meen LITTLE car. get in a front end collision in that thing and you can kiss your legs goodbye! The vehicle is a rear engine vehicle. and the foot controls are all under the hood.along with the storage.

tiny car with a single cylinder scooter engine... it got about long as you didn't load it up too much. I do have a soft spot for the old Vespa Ape ( Pronouced ahhpay) service / utility trike trucks. gotta guy here in town with a couple of them that he uses truck around fresh baked bread to all the farmers markets in. dang things are cool!

And ZZ56, got your back on that comment... it doesnt really snow here.. the average winter temps are too high for a lot of snow... what we get though are Ice storms, and everything coverd in Ice. add to that equation a bunch of northern "come here's"

that was a huge thing acouple of years ago when Altria moved corporate from NYC down here to Richmond. Alteria being the parent company of Philip Morris Brand ciggeretes. marlboro, etc. they also own Kraft foods and etal..

well, all these northern folks moved down here to Richmond. and they still had the NYC saleries and all of a sudden they could afford huge mcmansions and giant 4x4 trucks and SUV's ( you know, to fit in with us southern yokels)

well... mind you... the first nasty winter we had and had ice storms... all the roads were a mess.. not so much from all the wet, black ice we get, but from all the come here's saying BAH! this aint NOTHING!!!! I can drive in the snow! and I got a 4x4!

so.. they all go tearing ass all over the place and very quikly realize that our wet and sloppy snow and freezing rain means exactly D**K . and when you are in 4x4 mode, now you have all four wheels spinng with out traction,

the only time i EVER had a weather related accident was because a dude in a rented 4x4 fish tailed the ass of his car into the front end MY car
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