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Had the 43" Yak out this evening. About 40 degrees with a light wind coming right down the runway and cloudy. I went armed with 2 fully charged 1600's (143g), an 1800(152g), and 2 2200's(187g) with the intent of seeing the difference in how the weight of each affected handling (they're all the same length). I started off actually hesitant regarding the extra weight of the 2200's. First time out with those. The very unscientific results? The 1600's didn't fly as long - and I about froze my very sizable butt. :^)

Keep in mind I'm still fairly low time with this plane, though I've been flying since God invented shirt pockets. As experience/stick time builds with it, I would imagine I'd be able to detect the difference in nose weight pretty easily. Point being, somebody just starting out wondering about what size battery to run shouldn't be REAL concerned unless your plans would have you flying at a much higher skill level than what mine will ever have me flying...

Seems uncanny the elevator trim isn't more affected by the 44 gram 1600 vs. 2200 difference? I trimmed for level flight with the 2200's, and didn't need to change it for the 1600's. Very little down required while inverted with either?

How this experience pans out regarding the Swift? Who knows... but I'll be finding that out soon. FWIW, -Al

BTW, have I mentioned how much I like flying this thing? Comfort factor while flying growing exponentially every time out....
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