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Originally Posted by Jackspt28 View Post
Hello Guys, Expecting my new (used) Xplorer 3.5 ST to arrive tommorow. What battery size/ type do you recommend, has all MKS servos in it and a Airtronics 10 Channel receiver (2,.4). I have a JR 9303 2.4 radio, so I guess its buy a receiver (JR 9300/ Or spectrum AR-8000) and use my radio, or purchase an SD-10G Transmitter?? Does anyone have a set up available. Its been about 9 years since I flew competition TD contests.(flying turbine jets for past 6 yrs. I miss thermal flying and slope flying, so I'm gettng back into it with the Xplorer for TD and I still have my slope ships. Thanks for any suggestions! Jack.

There has been an ongoing debate about the use of an unregulated LiFe pack with the MKS servos. Some are running a LiFe pack unregulated without problem and some have had issues with the servos burning up. There is no doubt that the MKS servos perform very well, have a super tight gear train, and are reliable. My two FS4's all are equipped with MKS gear and I have had no issues. That being said, I run a 4 cell NiMh pack in both planes. If you insist on the LiFe pack, I would regulate it at the very least.

Good luck, sounds like a very nice airframe.

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