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Originally Posted by gordonzo View Post

That's the part that makes it tricky for me to fly indoors. If I get it moving too quickly the cyclic wobble makes it tricky to get back into a hover. It's managable but I just find the v929 easier indoors.

I suspected it would be a good outdoor flyer so that is good to hear. Blustery weather does not permit me to try here now.

Do you think taking some tension off the cyclic stick springs might help?

regards . . . g
I have some skills in electronics so I shall investigate. The glitching only occurs when passing zero using the cyclic stick, not when using the cyclic trimmer, perhaps is the transmitters potentiometer (variable resistor) of bad design.

I don't think it help to release the spring tension of the stick, because even when slowly going to midpoint (zero) the glitching occurs.

The glitching is mostly a problem when flying inside in tight spaces, outside at some distance you don't notice it.

Compared to to the V929 I like the robust construction, and especially the robust motorarms, V929 motorarms always went weak and flimsy after some "hard landings". The propeller axles also seems to be more long lasting.

The X200 software is in my opinion better. Inside my small garage I can do numerous of fast turns (pirruets) without the bird going crazy, not possible with V929.

Outside flying in wind with payload is more predictable compared to my V929.

My board is marked "X200-RX 12/09/24".

Flipping is not my main thing, but flipping X200 is fun. Without time delay flipp after flipp is easy conducted when hovering at 1 meter above ground or flying fast in any direction.

Ordinary 600mAh LiPo (tigers) suited for the V929 fit good in the battery tray, although the are longer and slimmer compared to the OEM LiPo.

X200 weights 69,6 gram, my V929 with homemade additional LED light weights 63,2 gram. The bigger motorarms in aluminium and the 4 original LED lights is probably the main reason for the weight increase.
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