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for Pencon -

Was not able to attach pics to the email system , probably because I'm dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to computers.

So - going to try to attach some pics of the nose gear set up here. the very top of the gear wire has a notch ground into it to provide a spot for the setscrews (grub screw...) to hold the leg in but NOT pinch it down - this allows free rotation without the leg falling out each time it's vertical. Chuck the wire up in a nice, slow speed hand drill; start it rotating; use your Dremel tool with a cut-off disc mounted, and slowly grind a notch into the rotating wire at the appropriate location. This isn't critical, other than having to be reasonably close. LockTite the set screws in the trunnion, after running them in far enough to prevent fallout while still not restricting rotation. Use a pc. of small aluminum, cut it down to fit size you will need for your setup - this will act as the rotation lever; affix that to the gear leg. Use a small block of wood, attached to the gear mount block, as the trip lever (to contact the rotation lever mounted on the gear leg) - adjust both length and angle as necessary to get the gear to rotate 90* on closing. The pul-pull wires will straighten out the rotated leg on opening.

Voila! - instant rotating retract.
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