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Originally Posted by madsci_guy View Post
Madsci's Exclusionary Rule of Causes or Motives:

For each observed action, there exist at least two possible, incompatible, motives, or causes, where both can not simultaneously be true. This effect is due to the severe bandwidth reduction involved by observing only the outcome, not the causes of the observed action.

In other words, you didn't consider another equally likely, very possibly a more likely possibility, that I simply didn't report that post.

By failing to consider all the possible causes for your not receiving a point, you incorrectly assumed that the, "Mods were calling BS to my reporting"

If the post was never reported, and I certainly didn't report it, then the Mods never even got involved.

See? False premise on your part, therefore false conclusion.

Of course there's a possibility of you not reporting it. But given your past history, it was extremely unlikely of you not to report something that you publicly said was a personal attack. And I said I was assuming the mods were calling BS. If you didn't report it, then I congratulate you for finally developing a few more centimeters of skin.
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