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Originally Posted by 2Doggs View Post
Do you have the USB adaptor and can you use it to connect your ZYX to the FBL software? You can only upgrade the firmware by using the FBL software.

Using 7Zip, extract the firmware. For the ZYX-s, the file is ZYX-S-3.50.bin.

Open the FBL software, and connect your controller, which will either need to be powered up by a suitable RX battery or BEC, or just power up the heli with the TX in throttle hold, and maybe a couple of motor leads disconnected if you like. Same as you would when using the program box.

The screenshot below shows the John_NZ software V1.21, but the Tarot software is similar. I'm still using windows XP, but it's similar in later versions. At the bottom right of the screen, under "Firmware Upgrade" click on the "Open" button.

This will open another window where you need to navigate to the firmware file. In the list shown, you need to click on the ZYX-S 3.50 folder

When you click on the folder, you should see the ZYX-S-3.50.bin file, and you should click on that to highlight it and click the "Open" button.

You should then see the filename appear in the box at the bottom right of the FBL software screen as shown below

Then click on the "Upgrade" button. you should then see the following window

In my case, I was just doing a dummy run without the controller connected, but you should see the progress bar fill up and then you will get a message telling you the firmware upgrade is complete.

Hope that helps!
Thanks so much for the help 2Doggs. I can't load the zyxs 3.5 program for some reason. My friend sent me this one, already extracted. FBL gyro configuration V1.169(Beta). Its on my screen but can't connect to zyxs. I have the zyxs powered up and connected to computer with the USB program connector that come with the zyxs unit. Also have the jumper wire hooked up to pit,ele,aux and AIL.
Should that program work?
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