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Originally Posted by RoboSerg View Post
I am thinking to buy this plane, its only 65 usd ARF in EU!

1. Can I use 1600-2200kv motor with it? 1200kv seems to slow Maybe smth like Turnigy2836 brushless Outrunner 2350kv
2. Can I use a NON folding prop? Will it break durin landing?
3. How long can you glide with 2200mah 3s + 2836 1000kv motor? 20 min?
Hi Serg.
1. Lower RPM = more torque = ability to swing a larger prop.
2. a - it will most certainly break on landing, b - if it doesn't fold back, it's adding quite a bit of drag, not good.
3. The size of the battery is only indirectly proportional to 'how long you can glide'. How long you can glide is dependent on lots of things, mostly catching updrafts (either thermals or wind deflected upwards). I would say it would be possible to glide for days on a 2200 mAH battery pack, assuming you could catch enough rising air to stay aloft. Somewhat more difficult at night.

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