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Totally agree with PeterVRC

Originally Posted by mikecopey View Post

Due to poor runway conditions and pilot skills, I ended up with fixed gear.

Takeoffs are now absolutely gorgeous.

Mains are 2 inches taller and Nose is about 3 inches taller.

For those that were discussing the nose angle of the plane during takeoff, that is definitely a flaw that causes this thing to jump erratically into the air.

I guess low pressure at the inlets may be holding it down also, because raising the entire plane improved upon the earlier version of just raising the nose.

Not much you can do if keeping the retracts, tho......

Video --

Now these are great experimental results, thanks for sharing, though I don't think the unable-to-take-off issue is because of air suction.

Raising the nose will help and I think maybe the fact that you get "cleaner air" less disturbed by the ground affects more profile efficiency than the suction issue. Besides, the worst problem wasn't about the plane being unable to reach flight speed but to be able to ROTATE, and that makes me think that what you are noticing is that your taileron now are also higher and have better air flow to be able to control pitch.

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