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Nooo..Aero sir I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that, sir. I Know you*

I love pm's from anyone. But I thought that...or it sounded like no one wanted to offend Sean on the forum by asking me in private if I had received my bird yet. I was hoping that everyone (Sean) would "See" the concern we all had in our fellow forum friend's back order. In that way, Sean would "Fell" some remorse to ship not just to the folks he "Felt Like" shipping to, but in a orderly and Fair manner. You see, this is not my first orni I purchase from him. "It seemed" everyone was getting their bird but me. "It seemed" he was skipping me while folk was enjoying cliff soaring their 4th custom made bird.

Mr. Aero, again, I'm sorry for the way I expressed myself, buddy.

The person I don't know is the person who said he received his bird a few posts back. It may have been true, but somehow it did sound right...
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