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Originally Posted by rexless View Post

Mexico - Hahaha! It's a balmy 0 here in the southern interior of BC right now. So far the only heli I can fly below 0 is the F45. The V911 is not too bad, the V929's get strange and unstable and the DH9116 doesn't seem to want to fly more than a few seconds even if it's 10 degrees above 0. For whatever reason, the F45 seems to be fine even at 10 below so long as it's not windy. My only issue then is that things get very brittle. At least the motors are cool as can be.
Brittle is right. When I had mine out 2 weeks ago on a balmy -5 day with a little breeze and my gyro went nuts after about 4 minutes of flying, I managed to get it within 5 feet of the ground before cutting throttle. It dropped flat on the skids and broke 3 of the 4 skid arms.
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