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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
It's called making extra profit on shipping. I have tried to order from WOw, but as soon as I get to shipping with only one piece at about 150gm, the shipping is 27.00. I ordered from Helidirect at 6.00 shipping.
I ship to the US 1kg for 15.36 Canada post Air.
I have had similar issue with several companies that seem to want to make money on shipping and also sometimes charge a handeling charge. I feel when someone wants to pay me for handeling, which is my job, then I will start paying as well, but that has never happened yet. I feel the same about companies who charge you for a membership so they can give you a better deal.
I am not prepared to pay someone so I can have the privilege of spend my money at their establishment. You all have a company like that in the US and Canada and I won't set foot in their door.
I really didn't want to call Wowhobbies out like this. But yeah, it's starting to look like holiday price gouging. It's all good though because since they started this nonsense i've placed at least $100 worth of orders with other sites. I probably order a minumum of $30-60 a week too. They are probably missing my money all the way to the bank with this nonsense. I just hope most people didn't just go ahead and pay, or click though thinking nothing has changed. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE!!

Weather they screwed up the shipping calculator, or they are price gouging. I still think it's total BS that they have not addressed the issue in this amount of time. I'm still waiting to see what email reply they give iflyrvs1. In another thread, someone mentioned having placed the order, then noticing it was $20 shipping they called them and i think they adjusted it or something. I don't know. But my TIME is easily a billion times more valuable to me than any dollar amount. Time is a nonrenewable resource and i only have so much of it. Money.... I can make more of that. So asking me to call them to sort out a issue that simply should not exist is like asking me to pay wow to fix their problems for them. I'm sure a company like wow hobbies that probably does a few million in sales every year can figure out that they have a shipping problem and fix it before a few days go by. It's been over a week and it's still the same. I actually tried to keep my mouth shut about this, as hard as that was. Just in case they happened to realize their self that they were ripping everyone off on shipping. I guess we'll have to see what they do now. What?? Did they think the thousands of customers out there shopping around on 4-5 different sites wouldn't have noticed that wow's shipping is 3X higher than the other 3-4 sites for the same Priority mail shipping? OR maybe they just think we're all stupid. Next thing you know people will be believing that Osama Bin Ladin didn't die in 2001 from kidney failure or Marfan syndrome.
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